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Is There an Age Limit for Breast Reconstruction After Cancer?

“Seventy is the new fifty.” That’s not just a saying, it’s an actual statistic from a recent survey on age perception, conducted by TD Ameritrade. They found more than 70 percent of women believe this age adjustment is true. Times have certainly changed, considering that a child born in 1900 was only expected to live […]

Listening to Your Concerns about Breast Implants

It’s a unique kind of double-punch to be told something is “all in your head,” especially when it comes to your health. When this happens you still have the problem you came in with, and now you have the pain of feeling unheard. The FDA recently did something to remedy this for a group of […]

New Research Delivers Good News for Breast Cancer Survivors

One thing you can say about breast cancer survivors: they have fortitude. They don’t give up on life, and then after they have beaten cancer, they don’t give up on getting back their quality of life. To retake ownership of their own bodies, their sexuality, and their self-esteem, many women choose breast reconstruction after mastectomy. […]

Am I Too Old for Breast Augmentation?

The common conception about breast augmentation is that it’s a younger woman’s procedure. A woman who is a bit more mature may wonder if she is too old to pursue a breast augmentation, breast lift, or both. But when you dig a little deeper, what most women probably want to know when they ask if […]