Radiesse® Facial Augmentation: The Answer to Obtaining a More Beautiful, Youthful Appearance

What is Radiesse®?

Radiesse®, a non-allergenic, natural dermal filler, is noted for enhancing facial appearance by eliminating or reducing skin folds, wrinkles, and scars for patients in Plano, McKinney, and the surrounding communities in Texas. The facial enhancer is comprised of microspheres, made of calcium hydroxylapatite, which are suspended in a gel made up of an organic mix of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, water, and glycerin.

Radiesse® Has Almost Immediate Results

The microspheres in the gel, implanted at the injection site, act to plump up and smooth out lines and wrinkles. The filler provides almost immediate improvement after one treatment session and lasts for up to two years.

How Long Does a Radiesse® Treatment Session Take?

Radiesse® treatment takes no more than fifteen minutes. Patients are given local anesthesia to minimize pain during the procedure and experience no downtime. They can resume their daily activities after undergoing treatment.

The Radiesse® Procedure

Treatment includes the following steps:

  • Step One: The doctor determines the points of injection on the face before applying an antiseptic to each of the sites.
  • Step Two: The doctor measures out the amount of Radiesse® to use.
  • Step Three: The product is applied by means of a syringe into the dermis (mid layer) and hypodermis (innermost layer) of the skin.

What to Expect from Radiesse®

Results are long lasting and can be fully seen within seven days. In some cases, appointments for touch-ups may be required after the initial procedure.

Radiesse® Common Side Effects 

After the treatment, patients may experience some swelling, pain, or bruising. Most of the symptoms subside in a couple of days. Exposure to the sun should be limited during the healing process.

Ask Dr. Slack about Radiesse® in Plano and McKinney, Texas

If you feel that Radiesse® may be a good option for you, schedule a private consultation with Dr. Slack to discuss your goals and concerns. He looks forward to speaking with you.

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